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 now we can milling your dental designs in lithium disilicate in our new milling center +info vew cart and pay
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zirconia YZ blank T 98.5*H14mm, (1 units)
Innovatech sintering cicle
zirconia blank disc 98.5*H18mm, (1 units)
Innovatech sintering cicle
zirconia blank disc 98.5*H20mm, (1 units)
Innovatech sintering cicle
zirconia blank disc 98.5*H25mm, (1 units)
Innovatech sintering cicle
PMMA disk 98.5 x 20 mm color A3, (1 disc) 15
PMMA disk 98.5 x 20 mm Trasparent (1 disc) 12
PEEK disk 98.5x25mm, pink color, (1 disc) 70
Model dis 98.5 x 25 mm (1 disc) for model milling 25
free adapter for 98,5 mm disc milling, clamp to attach free blocks in disc clamp (1 unit) 95
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